We Pinned It: An Apple A Day

An apple a day will keep anyone away, if you throw it hard enough! In all seriousness, while we like our doctor, we don’t want to see her more than once a year if we don’t have to.

So, why wouldn’t we indulge in something that whitens our teeth, decreases our risk for diabetes and, possibly, helps prevent Alzheimer’s?

Apples really are just about the most perfect snack food. They are portable, full of fiber and biodegradable. Apples can be baked, boiled and smushed into a sauce, dipped in caramel, fried up into a fritter and pressed into cider.

Whether you choose Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Gala or Granny Smith, eat one a day, in one of the many ways we’ve pinned on our Apple board, and maybe it will be a while before your next doctor’s visit too.


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