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PIVOT Virtual Summit

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  1. Day One Welcome - Liz King Caruso
  2. Opening Keynote: Change Starts Now - Leslie Short
  3. OPENING KEYNOTE: Thriving Through COVID-19 - True Stories from an Independent Event Professional - DJ Neekola
  4. OPENING KEYNOTE: Understanding Uncharted Territory—Seizing Opportunities Before They Disappear - Jeff Hurt
  5. Co-Creation & Virtual Experience Design - Anthony Vade
  6. Digital Event Roles: Identifying the Skills You Need For Success for a Virtual Event - Leslie Bailey
  7. How to Create an Engaging Virtual Event - Alysha Parker
  8. Fundraising in our Virtual Climate - Tahira Endean & Ms. Jenn Glynn
  9. Science not stopped by Coronavirus: How a large scientific meeting successfully pivoted to virtual in record time - Silke Fleischer
  10. Looking at the Future of Experiential Events Post COVID-19 - Liz King & Erica Taylor Haskins
  11. Thinking Beyond: Visioning a Future for Special Events Post COVID-19 - Daniela Grafman
  12. Sponsorship Sales: Providing Value to your Clients and Revenue to your Team - Diana Canellis
  13. PIVOT: From Public Speaker to Virtual Event Host - Liz King & Ramon Ray
  14. Adapting to Disruptions with your Intangible Skills - Nick Borelli
  15. Future of Meetings in Post-COVID world – Operational Necessities in Evaluating a Venue - Phoenix Porcelli & Elaine Morena
  16. Post Pandemic Sales Strategies for the Event Industry - Heather Hansen O'Neill
  17. Setting the Table for a Shift in Event F&B Service - Liz King & Tracy Stuckrath
  18. WellBeing – Taking Good Care of Yourself and Your Attendees - Rachael Riggs
  19. Future-Ready Skills for Meetings - Liz King & Lori Pugh Marcum
  20. Checking In To Learn, Retain and Apply - Jeff Hurt
  21. OPENING KEYNOTE: PIVOT: How Your Existing Clients Can Help You Pivot - Donvil Collins
  22. Evolving Event Design Post-COVID - Kathiya Zelasco
  23. How We Can Use Hybrid Meetings to Bring Back Live Events - Liz King & Ms. Aryn Chapman
  24. Safe Meetings: New Considerations to Guide Planning and Implementation - Liz King & Aaron Wolowiec
  25. The Power of Community - Coalition Building and Change-making during an Industry Crisis - Ms. Lyn Stout, Philip Dufour, & Jeannette Traveres
  26. Engaging with your Followers on Instagram During #Covid-19 - Felix Vargas
  27. How to Generate Business During a Crisis - Liz King & Sheila Fox
  28. 2020 Virtual Event Trends - Will Curran
  29. The Power of Virtual Event Data - Joe Coangelo
  30. It's All About the Comeback: Take Control of Your Narrative and Rewrite Your Reality - Courtney Stanley
  31. Free Your Time & Success Will Follow - Angela Proffitt
  32. The Power of Taking Action - Mahoganey Marcial Jones
  33. Your Brand is Not a Moment in Time...Or Is it? - Liz King & Jessica Levin
  34. Meetings PC (Post COVID): Tech Tools for Trailblazing Times - Jim Spellos
  35. The Future of Work is Purpose-Driven - Liz King & Elizabeth Glau
  36. 3 Inspired Career Shift Actions to Take Now - Bryn Johnson
  37. I'll Take Virtual Game Shows for 500" - Ray Hansen & Dan Yaman
  38. Virtual Events Reimagined: Lessons learned from producing a 5,000 person event in less than 6 weeks that pushed the bounds of what virtual can be - Allison Magyar
  39. Virtual Spaces - Naomi Clare
  40. Roll It All Up—Your Take-Aways To Remember, Apply and Adapt - Jeff Hurt
  41. 10 Ideas to Generate Revenue NOW - Liz King
  42. How to: Choose a Great Virtual Event Provider - Liz King
  43. The Future of Events and Hospitality - Dan Berger
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Your Brand is Not a Moment in Time…Or Is it? – Liz King & Jessica Levin

- Your brand must align with your core values. 

- Now is a great time to sunset services or programs you don’t love and focus on services that really align with your core. 

- Words are free. Share your perspective on social, your website etc so people can hear your authentic voice.