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PIVOT Virtual Summit

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  1. Day One Welcome - Liz King Caruso
  2. Opening Keynote: Change Starts Now - Leslie Short
  3. OPENING KEYNOTE: Thriving Through COVID-19 - True Stories from an Independent Event Professional - DJ Neekola
  4. OPENING KEYNOTE: Understanding Uncharted Territory—Seizing Opportunities Before They Disappear - Jeff Hurt
  5. Co-Creation & Virtual Experience Design - Anthony Vade
  6. Digital Event Roles: Identifying the Skills You Need For Success for a Virtual Event - Leslie Bailey
  7. How to Create an Engaging Virtual Event - Alysha Parker
  8. Fundraising in our Virtual Climate - Tahira Endean & Ms. Jenn Glynn
  9. Science not stopped by Coronavirus: How a large scientific meeting successfully pivoted to virtual in record time - Silke Fleischer
  10. Looking at the Future of Experiential Events Post COVID-19 - Liz King & Erica Taylor Haskins
  11. Thinking Beyond: Visioning a Future for Special Events Post COVID-19 - Daniela Grafman
  12. Sponsorship Sales: Providing Value to your Clients and Revenue to your Team - Diana Canellis
  13. PIVOT: From Public Speaker to Virtual Event Host - Liz King & Ramon Ray
  14. Adapting to Disruptions with your Intangible Skills - Nick Borelli
  15. Future of Meetings in Post-COVID world – Operational Necessities in Evaluating a Venue - Phoenix Porcelli & Elaine Morena
  16. Post Pandemic Sales Strategies for the Event Industry - Heather Hansen O'Neill
  17. Setting the Table for a Shift in Event F&B Service - Liz King & Tracy Stuckrath
  18. WellBeing – Taking Good Care of Yourself and Your Attendees - Rachael Riggs
  19. Future-Ready Skills for Meetings - Liz King & Lori Pugh Marcum
  20. Checking In To Learn, Retain and Apply - Jeff Hurt
  21. OPENING KEYNOTE: PIVOT: How Your Existing Clients Can Help You Pivot - Donvil Collins
  22. Evolving Event Design Post-COVID - Kathiya Zelasco
  23. How We Can Use Hybrid Meetings to Bring Back Live Events - Liz King & Ms. Aryn Chapman
  24. Safe Meetings: New Considerations to Guide Planning and Implementation - Liz King & Aaron Wolowiec
  25. The Power of Community - Coalition Building and Change-making during an Industry Crisis - Ms. Lyn Stout, Philip Dufour, & Jeannette Traveres
  26. Engaging with your Followers on Instagram During #Covid-19 - Felix Vargas
  27. How to Generate Business During a Crisis - Liz King & Sheila Fox
  28. 2020 Virtual Event Trends - Will Curran
  29. The Power of Virtual Event Data - Joe Coangelo
  30. It's All About the Comeback: Take Control of Your Narrative and Rewrite Your Reality - Courtney Stanley
  31. Free Your Time & Success Will Follow - Angela Proffitt
  32. The Power of Taking Action - Mahoganey Marcial Jones
  33. Your Brand is Not a Moment in Time...Or Is it? - Liz King & Jessica Levin
  34. Meetings PC (Post COVID): Tech Tools for Trailblazing Times - Jim Spellos
  35. The Future of Work is Purpose-Driven - Liz King & Elizabeth Glau
  36. 3 Inspired Career Shift Actions to Take Now - Bryn Johnson
  37. I'll Take Virtual Game Shows for 500" - Ray Hansen & Dan Yaman
  38. Virtual Events Reimagined: Lessons learned from producing a 5,000 person event in less than 6 weeks that pushed the bounds of what virtual can be - Allison Magyar
  39. Virtual Spaces - Naomi Clare
  40. Roll It All Up—Your Take-Aways To Remember, Apply and Adapt - Jeff Hurt
  41. 10 Ideas to Generate Revenue NOW - Liz King
  42. How to: Choose a Great Virtual Event Provider - Liz King
  43. The Future of Events and Hospitality - Dan Berger
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3 Inspired Career Shift Actions to Take Now – Bryn Johnson

- Connections. Make a list of 10-20 people that are low-hanging fruit (warm leads). Reintroduce yourself. Ask them what they need. Have happy conversations. Put time on your calendar to personally connect with people. Write real thank you notes. Call. Connect meaningfully. 

- This is an ideal time to update your LinkedIn profile. Now is the time to build your profile. 

- Do not educate people about you do and what you’ve done. Use the summary to say what you can do for them! 

Learn more from Bryn on her newsletter & ask for her LinkedIn Checklist via her contact form