3 new and promising #eventtech that are Ready to Rock by @djstomp

The events industry is an exciting market for implementing technological innovation. First we had the internet and apps tranfsorming certain parts of the industry. At the moment there are some hot up-and-coming implementations of existing technology. Mainly it's about products or services that are complementary to existing eventtech like apps to add a whole new experience to the palette.
Let's scratch the surface of 3 technologies that I believe are capable of rocking the industry.

Google Glass

What is it?
Google Glass is an implementation of Augmented Reality in a headset device. Simply said it puts an extra information layer on top of what you see through your headset. It is voice controlled, can take pictures and record video. A small touchpad is positioned at the side of the device to manually navigate through the device. Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities make it fully connectable to the internet and other devices.

Why you should be aware of it
This device is a potential game changer. It can change the way content is distributed and consumed at events. Just the fact that it operates handsfree makes it interesting to replace or complement smartphone apps. Navigating through an event venue, easy handsfree networking and content capturing through photo and video. Just a few areas that Google Glass may very well excel in.

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iBeacon technology

What is it?
Apple's iBeacon technology utilizes Low Energy Bluetooth to enable accurate indoor positioning of smartphones (newer iOS and Android devices). The smartphones can pick up signals from small hardware pieces called beacons to determine your position. Based on beacon signals apps can perform specific tasks.

Why you should be aware of it
iBeacon paves the way to more accurate indoor positioning. And this opens up huge possibilities for Location Based Services at events. Essentially, knowing an attendees position at an event turns contextual engagement of the attendee into reality. Just imagine how easy notifications can be addressed to attendees based on their position. This makes it great for networking, product offering, consuming contextual information, indoor navigation, social checkins, gaming, .... ?

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Google Chromecast

What is it?
Chromecast is yet another innovative Google product that's interesting for events. It is in fact a dongle size HDMI media player, which streams content to a HD Screen coming from any device via WiFi. This can be either a local network or the internet, so it is sometimes called Internet-to-TV adapter. And all of course controllable via apps.

Why you should be aware of it
Chromecast let you stream content from a device, wireless via WiFi. That means ANY device that has WiFi. With the right apps and stable WiFi network (..) there are a lot of ways Chromecast could make events more fun and interactive. For example simplifying narrowcasting, streaming shared content and running presentations directly from your Google Drive. Did I mention that owning a Chromecast device will set you back $35? Time to experiment!

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I'm sure lots of new applications will be developed for these three devices. And given the fact that it is mostly complementary to for example existing event apps some of these technologies will take up very quickly. Which possibilities do you see?

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